Human Nature Relations (Theme Lead: Chris Loynes)

 The engagement of people with nature produces a landscape. Personal, social, economic and political actions interact with natural processes, habitats and species in dynamic relations. This theme will take as its subject these relations. Using a critical view, the political processes and their consequences, the natural processes and their consequences, will be examined with the intention of understanding and informing the informal and formal processes of engagement in ways that contribute to social justice and sustainable human nature relations.

The impact of residential experiences in primary schools

The impact of residential experiences on attainment in primary schools: a comparative study

Conducted in 2017/18, the project set out to explore the direct and indirect impact of attainment on year six pupils. The study found that, whilst there was no direct impact on progress and attainment scores, there was impact on both the understanding and application of knowledge. Significant indirect impacts that contribute to attainment were identified including resilience, relationships and confidence.

Funder: Learning Away Consortium

Partners: Learning Away Consortium; The Brathay Trust, Wigan LA

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Engaging communities in outdoor learning

Engaging communities in the enhanced provision of outdoor learning

Responding to the call for all young people to have progressive outdoor experiences, this project is exploring approaches to engage communities in auditing, integrating and extending their provision of outdoor learning. The project is being piloted in Cumbria and will identify work force needs and opportunities to support the profession in responding to anticipated growth.

Funder: CUSP; Institute for Outdoor Learning

Partners: Institute for Outdoor Learning

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Developing practitioner researcher partnerships

Developing practitioner researcher partnerships to enhance evidence based practice in outdoor learning

The project supported the development of a network of regional hubs for applied and action research in outdoor learning. The purpose was to build partnerships that built confidence in undertaking research, supported the identification of research priorities at local level and encouraged evidenced based practice.

Funder: Institute for Outdoor Learning

Partners: Institute for Outdoor Learning, The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, Natural England

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