Applied Social Science Research

The Applied Social Science Research theme covers an inter- and cross-disciplinary range of research interests around the interrelationships of people, culture, society and economy. There is a specific focus on care and wellbeing issues and practices, which are explored through theories and evidence affecting sites of practice such as living purposeful lives, community development, understanding trauma and growing positive relationships.

Our current portfolio of research includes:

Bates, E.A. & Taylor, J.C. (Eds.) (2019) Intimate partner violence: New perspectives in research and practice. Oxon: Taylor & Francis, Routledge.

Dugal, C., Girard, M., Bélanger, C., Sabourin, S., Bates, E. A., & Godbout, N. (2018) ‘Psychological Intimate Partner Violence and Childhood Cumulative Trauma: The Mediating Role of Affect Dysregulation, Maladaptive Personality Traits, and Negative Urgency’ Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advance online publication. doi: 10r.g1/107.171/0778/8068826206501581880011022.

Stuart, K. (2019) ‘Towards an Equalities Literacy Framework: An Action Research Study’, Educational Action Research.   

Grimwood, T. (2018) ‘Procedural Monsters: Rhetoric, Commonplace and ‘Heroic Madness’ in Video Games’, Journal for Cultural Research, 22:3.

Hayes, T.A., Prince, H.E., Convery, I. (2018) ‘Bear illustrations in children’s literature’  in Nevin, O. Convery, I., Davis, P. and Kitchin, J. (Eds.) The Bear: A Cultural and Natural Heritage.  Boydell & Brewer.

Pennington, C.R., Kaye, L.K. and McCann, J.J., (2018) Applying the multi-threat framework of stereotype threat in the context of digital gaming. PloS one, 13(2), p.e0192137.      

McElhone, G., Wilson-Smith, K. & Rice, H. (2018) ‘The efficacy of assessment measures for juvenile offender populations’, Assessment & Development Matters. 10. (1),  6 -9.

Martin, S. Forde, C. Horgan, D.  Mages, L.  (2018) ‘Decision-making by children and young people in the home: nurture of trust, participation and independence’,  Journal of Child and Family Studies. 27:198-210.



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