Covid-19 Research

Covid-19 has had a profound and long lasting impact on our lives. Whilst the impact of Covid-19 has been experienced by everyone, people have experienced it in every different ways.


In order to understand these impacts we have been conducting narrative and mixed methods research since March 2020.  To date we have published seven reports into the impact of Covid-19 from our narrative data. These can be accessed below:

Covid-19 Report One - Theoretical Framework

Covid-19 Report Two - Theoretical Framework

Covid-19 Report Three - Emergent Findings

Covid-19 Report 4 MH Survey Findings

Covid-19 Impact On Cumbria

Covid-19 Research Further Findings July 2020

Covid Report Findings 7 March 2021 Final


These have been used by: The House of Lords, Select Committees, Cabinet Office, The Department for Health and Social Care, The Department for Education and local planning boards.


This project is supported by the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration for the North East and North Cumbria.


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Covid research:


Facebook: CRHealthandSociety

Twitter: @CentreCrihs

Linkedin: Centre for Research in Health and Society

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