Cross cutting strands

A number of stands cut through all three of the CRiHS themes and underpin our activities in each. The cross cutting strands reflect important aims, perspectives and issues which need to be addressed across the health care and wider societal landscape. Most important to us is inequalities, the core aim of all our work is to reduce inequitable outcomes in health and wider society. We adopt a lifespan perspective wherever we can ensuring a holistic view of people and their care.  Participation is a fundamental principal in our work whether that is through engagement, expertise through experience, voice or co-production.  We are attentive to a range of global issues such as the Sustainability Development Goals and workforce issues, and also consider the needs of individuals and groups that arise from global issues such as migration, trafficking, natural disasters, workforce management. Workforce development is a key concern for many services currently in terms of workforce supply, sustainability, wellbeing and training. 

As a research centre we are keenly interested in research methods and endeavour to find and develop best fit, inclusive and ethical methods. Equally, as a university we are keen to apply best practice into our higher education teaching or pedagogy, ensuring we facilitate students to become the best practitioners possible.

The following strands cut through all the themes above and include:

The cross cutting themes also include the Practitioner Action Research Hub (led by Charlotte Hardacre) which is focussed on supporting students, staff and practitioners to be action researchers, constantly inquiring into their own practice improvements. This also part of the Learning Education and Development Research Centre (LED)


Examples of recent research

Stuart, K., Shay, M. (2018) Countering Epistemological Exclusion Through Critical-Ethical Research to Support Social Justice: Methodological Comparisons Between Australia and the United Kingdom in Educational Research in the Age of Anthropocene.

Kenward, L. (2018) ‘Developing a framework as a concourse management strategy: a selected literature review to guide novice researchers using Q Methodology’ Nurse Researcher.

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