Health and Society Knowledge Exchange

Theme Leads: Dr Tom Grimwood and Vicki Goodwin

Health and Society Knowledge Exchange HASKE (formerly Health and Social Care Evaluations, or HASCE) is an established provider of commissioned research, evaluation and knowledge exchange in the broad health, society and social care domains. HASKE’s design and ethos provides a unique fusion of business development and research veracity, building on the strengths of the University’s portfolio to deliver high quality, intellectually informed evaluations and research for a range of external stakeholders.

HASKE’s team also explores and develops robust approaches to the gathering, analysing and using of evidence to inform the changing health and societal landscape in the United Kingdom; a landscape which is increasingly interested in, and directed towards, evidence-based policy and practice. In this dynamic context higher education institutions, as knowledge drivers are increasingly engaged in knowledge exchange, and this is the area in which HASKE is most active. This research-policy-practice nexus is important; without knowledge exchange, which includes knowledge translation, evidence may not find its way into policy and, thus, practice. Under the right conditions, this nexus can provide the architecture to bring about the operationalisation of theory-driven knowledge.

HASKE will deliver a range of evaluation and knowledge exchange activities including:

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