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Stories of Living Through Covid-19 in Cumbria

Can you share your story to help us understand the support different groups of people in Cumbria need?

Your experiences can inform important research on the social impact of Covid-19

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Send us your story, an audio account, video or photographs of pictures, paintings and models. Participate however you like.

To take part please contact us:


Facebook: CRHealthandSociety

Twitter: @CentreCrihs

Linkedin: Centre for Research in Health and Society



Early Results from the Covid-19 National Research

Two reports outlining the early results of the research: Covid-19 report one, Covid-19 report two, Covid-19 report three, Covid-19 Impact on Cumbria, Report 4: Covid-19 Mental Health Survey FindingsCovid-19 Report 5


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The NIHR Research Design Service

The RDS support health and social care researchers on all aspects of developing grant applications. Advice is free of charge and confidential. Advisors from the RDS are at the Fusehill site regularly (see list of dates and locations below). If you have an idea for a research project that you would like to discuss with the RDS please email to arrange an appointment

The RDS service is usually located at the Fusehill Street Campus one day each week. Due to the unprecedented global challenges concerning the covid-19 virus the proposed sessions below for the remainder of this academic year will now not take place.  The RDS service are taking teleconference/Skype consultation appointments if anyone wants to urgently discuss a research project. Any enquires or RDS appointment can be made via and 0191 208 7000.

RDS NENC Virtual Research Clinics 2020/21:

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