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Events for the 2019/20 academic year

30 October 2019

Effective Religious Education: Dr Pat Hannam Lancaster

06 Nov 2019

Mindcon: A student led conference for year-twelve students Fusehill Street Carlisle

22 Nov 2019

Making a Difference…A student led conference for year-twelve students Sentamu Building Bowerham Road, Lancaster

09 January 2020

Action Research in the real world: Benefits, Challenges,Solutions

06/07 May 2020

TEAN Conference Manchester, UK  

19 May 2020 

Celebrating 25 Years of P4C in Cumbria: Transformation & Innovation

4 & 5 June 2020

Practical Solutions to Educational Inequality. Reducing the symptoms of Early School Leaving, Drop Out, NEET, Exclusion, Absence, Truancy and ‘Failure’ Conference  

02 July 2020

AHE Conference Manchester UK              


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