2nd March 2018

TEAN, the Teacher Education Advancement Network, knows that you value debate with colleagues and benefit from the sharing of ideas. We continue our ‘Let’s talk about …’ series in 2017/18 with the intention of moving forward together towards more consistent (and effective) practice. These debates are intended for those involved in teacher education in HEIs, schools and all other organisations involved in teacher education.

You can join the event in person or by way of a Skype link. Further details below.

This event is relevant to early, middle and advanced career teacher educators in organisations, schools, further education colleges and higher education institutions.

Why it’s a good idea to talk about this: The number of teaching staff (in addition to child, adolescent and adult learners) experiencing mental health and wellbeing challenges continues to rise. It has become essential for organisations, and individuals within these organisations, to support mental health and wellbeing thus ensuring that learners do not experience a barrier to education achievement or employment. 

Learners with mental health and wellbeing challenges are not exclusive to a particular education sector. The fact is, we are all personally vulnerable to the impact of mental health and wellbeing challenges within learning and teaching contexts. There are strategies that learning and teaching practitioners could employ as part of quality learning and teaching. These strategies would also assist with the management of learner mental health and wellbeing challenges – yet there is a tendency to ignore such strategies as a possible contribution to a solutions-based approach.  In such cases we defer to clinical advice and direction (which may take some time), but cause much surprise when eventually advised by clinicians to consider a learning and teaching strategy which could have been implemented much earlier. Teacher Educators often ignore their own (and colleagues’) mental health and wellbeing. Presenteeism is more common that we believe within education workplace settings.

This debate asks:

  • How might colleagues become empowered to implement learning and teaching strategies that would form part of an intraprofessional approach with specialists and others.
  • How might teacher educators become aware of early warning signs of mental health and wellbeing issues of self and colleagues?
  • How might a Community of Practice (CoP) become part of a solutions-based approach for both Teacher Educators and Learners?


Hugh Smith

TEAN is very pleased to welcome Hugh Smith who is an experienced Teacher Educator who provides school, college and university consultancy on Learning and Teaching. He is the architect of the first online MSc degree in Mental Health and Education and contributing adviser to the development of an MSc degree in Vulnerability.  He is currently advising the higher education sector on the development and scoping of masters degrees and modules that focus on mental health challenges within learning and teaching for all who engage with learners. He champions mental health and wellbeing as a key contributor to effective learning and teaching. He is a contributing author and one of three editors for the 2016 seminal text “Mental Health and Well-Being in the Learning and Teaching Environment” (Published by Swan and Horn) and is a contributing author and lead editor for two learning and teaching practitioner books “The Impact of Mental Health and Wellbeing on Effective Learning and Teaching: A Practical Guide for those responsible for learners” (Book 1 and Book 2), also published by Swan and Horn.

Why it’s a good idea to talk about this:


The outcomes of the day will be put together in a document for the TEAN website. This document will be sent to all delegates and presenters and shared with the TEAN community. 

Date: Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Venue: University of Cumbria, Lancaster campus, room AXB (Alexandra Building) 209

Directions to Campus - Scroll down for Lancaster campus

Draft programme:

Draft programme:

10.00 Refreshments, welcome and setting up for Skype

10.30 Welcome from TEAN – Alison Jackson

10.45 Keynote: Hugh Smith, Education, Learning and Teaching  Consultant

11.45 Questions to Hugh Smith

12.15 Skype delegates leave

12.15 Lunch

13.00 Groups preparation for your presentations

14.00 Refreshments

14.15 Presentations

15.00/15.15 End

Fee for attendance in person (full day: this includes refreshments and lunch): £60

Joining by Skype for Business (Lync) (keynote and questions only: for this you will need to be able to access this service. TEAN will set up a test meeting with you before the day to make sure everything is in order. Be sure to select this option when you register.): £25

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Closing date for registrations: February 19th 2018