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On January 20 2010, TEAN presented a day’s workshop on Patchwork Texts in Teacher Education. We were pleased to welcome Dr Peter Ovens from the University of Cumbria to deliver the workshop. Peter has overlapping areas of theoretical interest, practical development, research and writing about:

  • Philosophical, curriculum and pedagogical aspects of science learning and teaching and assessment, in early years and primary school settings as well as in higher education
  • Curriculum development and assessment in higher education
  • The use of action research and reflective approaches to personal, professional development in a wide range of contexts.

He was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2005

Delegates found the day most useful and enjoyable, offering a welcome opportunity to engage with colleagues from across the sector. They took away plenty of ideas to impact on practice and were keen to share their discovery of a new vocabulary of ‘patchworking’, ‘patching’ and ‘to patchwork’ with the community. ‘Patchworking makes you think very deeply about the aim of a module’ and ‘Patchwork texts help me to support students develop their reflexivity and evaluate their learning experiences’.

The following links are available from this page:

  1. Peter Ovens’ one page description: What is a Patchwork Text?
  2. A reference list for Patchwork Texts from Peter Ovens.
  3. Posters and commentary from the delegates on the day: these posters are simply very quick representations of their thoughts during the day and are presented here as a stimulus for colleagues’ own ideas on ‘Patchworking’.
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