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This folder presents a wide range of material on Creativity from across the sector.

Fostering creative thinking: co-constructed insights from neuroscience and education, Paul Howard-Jones, University of Bristol:

This report looks at the role of creativity in the educational process as part of a project, funded by ESCalate, that "aimed to develop the reflective capability of trainee drama teachers regarding the fostering of creative thinking through enhancing awareness of the underlying cognitive and neurocognitive processes".2008

Delegates at an ESCalate seminar on Creativity in 2008 were asked to share some of the inspirations of the day that they took back to use in their everyday practice. This page features a list of suggestions in areas such as applied creativity in secondary practice, participatory and creative approaches to teaching and learning and the creative and effective curriculum for Initial Teacher Education and schools, presented as a Word document. It also includes two PowerPoint presentations covering the Creative and Effective Curriculum and Co-Development of creative approaches to the Primary Curriculum.

Resources presented by TEAN

A think piece on 'Creative Learning and the New Ofsted - What's in it for me?' from Robert Meadows, commissioned by Curious Minds.

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