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These resources were originally published on the ESCalate (The Higher Education Academy's Subject Centre for Education) website.

Permission is granted unless otherwise stated to copy and distribute ESCalate materials in an unaltered form only, for the purposes of teaching, research, private study, criticism and review, provided that the original author and publisher is acknowledged.


Tuesday 28 October 2003, Cardiff University

CPD - Tegryn Jones, GTCW

The School Curriculum and Assessment Arrangements - Anne Whipp, ACCAC


Thursday 13 November 2003, Regents College Conference Centre, London

Initial Teacher Education Policy in Scotland - Ian Menter

Trends in Educational Research and Policy Formation in England - Geoff Whitty

Exploring Education Policy in Northern Ireland


Wednesday 17 December 2003, University of Strathclyde

CPD in Scotland - the role of the HE sector - Aileen Purdon

CPD in Scotland - References - Aileen Purdon

Towards the Learning Profession - Julie Anderson

Educational Research in Scotland and the rest of the UK: Diversity and Opportunity - Donald Christie

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