Stanson - Sculpture 1 - MA Show 2020 - MA Contemporary Fine Art

Stanson (Dr Ron Lawson)

Contemporary Artist - Of Myth and Fiction Reality: The Folklore of Alison Day

Dr Ron Lawson MA Show 2020 Student Profile, Portrait of Dr Ron Lawson wearing an apron and holding a flame thrower with large flame.

My Exhibition Piece

'Of Myth and Fiction Reality: The Folklore of Alison Day the fire breathing daughter of the Hare God Lepus' a mixed media exploration of fiction in the contemporary genre of folk horror revival.

The artwork in a museum curated collection of real artefacts related to a fictional folklore story that spans time and place. Engaging its audience to explore the notions of truth, reality, superstition and folklore narrative. The work took four months to complete.

Art Medium of Preference

My favourite art genres are oil painting and public art sculpture.

Why I Did a Master's Degree

I chose the MA in Contemporary Fine Art because I knew it would challenge me to explore concepts and approaches to fine art outside of my comfort zone. The best thing about the course has been the collective and critically collaborative interaction between the tutors and fellow students.

What Is Next for Me

My artistic ambition is to become a full-time professional contemporary artist.

Contact Me

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