UoC Active are committed to providing students with the opportunities to participate in Sport, exercise and health activities. These activities are organised by the students, for the students. With a range of activities to choose from, Jump straight into the action, have fun and enjoy the game.

Students playing football on astroturf

Play Football/Futsal

Carlisle Football Play Session: Tuesday 9pm-10pm and Wednesday 3pm-4pm

Lancaster Football Play Session: Starting September 2017 (Date TBC)

Students playing hockey on the hockey pitch

Play Hockey

Lancaster: Starting September 2017 (Date TBC

Badminton court inside sports hall

Play Badminton

Carlisle: Every weekday 12pm-1pm

Lancaster: Starting September 2017

A Student netball team

Play Netball

Carlisle: Starting September 2017

Lancaster: Starting September 2017

Become a leader!

Fancy becoming a leader in your favourite sport? Become an Activator and help us deliver fantastic just play events and activities. With a wide range of Free and discounted qualifications on offer. Take the lead and encourage the inactive to be active!

Student sport leader, Thomas Greenslade

Hear about the experience…

Ultimately getting back into football was my main target, as I used to play a lot, but in a friendly and not too competitive environment. This program has been a great way for me to meet new people whilst enjoying a decent game of football at the same time.

This role has been brilliant for me! I have gained better communication, management and organisation skills from simply organising a kick about. You get quite in to the whole thing.  

My favourite session organising was probably my most challenging. when I was just starting off with my first session of the program. I hoped for the slight chance that it might be decent weather, to encourage players to turn up. But as feared, it absolutely chucked it down (typical British weather as they say!). However, with a bit of encouragement, I still got enough people down to play and this game was arguably the most enjoyable of the year (maybe not the best in quality).  

If you’re even half thinking about being a leader, get down and talk to the sports team about it. As well as getting to use university facilities for free, It’s the perfect way to meet new people from different courses, socialise and maybe learn a thing or two about yourself along the way.


-Thomas Greenslade, Football Play Leader

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