Graduation doesn't only concern our university - all of Carlisle gets involved!

We're always happy to hear from the many businesses that get involved in the graduation ceremonies. On this page you will get to hear from those who have helped us make graduation such an amazing experience for our alumni. Click the boxes below to see the full quotes.

  • Carlisle Cathedral

    We are looking forward to welcoming back to Carlisle Cathedral our University friends and colleagues as they prepare to celebrate their 2018 Graduation ceremonies at the Cathedral.

    Carlisle Cathedral
  • The Halston, Penny Blue & Bartons Yard

    We’re counting down the days to graduation week! The university is doing such a fantastic job at showcasing their student’s achievements and it’s up to us as locals businesses to get behind them and show our support.

    The Halston, Penny Blue & Bartons Yard
  • John Watt

    We support the graduation & University as we believe in building on what you are, what you learn and applying it out in the world. It is important to pass that on and keep the legacy alive!

    John Watt And Son
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