Preeti, from London, was an IT Manager for an Outsourcing IT Company responsible for managing and supporting the email and desktop function for 60,000+ users at partner companies.

“I had always wanted to top up my HND to a Degree, but working full time with children meant that this was a daunting task and one that I kept putting off. My workplace was offering voluntary redundancies, so I made the decision to take redundancy and start studying for my degree.”

She chose the University of Cumbria to study because it “offered the one year top up degree, was located favourably, had a good reputation for delivering high quality education and had a friendly environment.”

“I had already studied Business Management for my HND and International Business was a natural and interesting progression as it meant that I could learn how Business operates at a Global level.”

“The course material was well aligned to the Business World. This made it far more interesting and worthwhile as one could easily see the relevance of the subject matter.”

I went on to study for a PGCE and I am now a teacher.

“I was taught by some of the most knowledgeable and helpful lecturers I have ever met. This made my experience at the University so much more worthwhile. My Tutor Raye Ng was very supportive and he continually encouraged me to do well. His lectures were always very informative and I left these lectures having learnt so much. He relayed the message of what he was teaching very simply by using many real-life examples which made it compelling to listen to and to partake in discussions.”

“There were times during my course where not one, but many members of staff went the extra mile. There was an issue with one of our modules which we raised as a cohort. The matter was dealt with very well, and we as students were always the priority for the lecturers. They made sure that we were happy during this period and if we were not able to attend lectures, they made provisions for us to work from home.”

“It has created a profound change in my life. I left with a 1st class Honours degree, which I would not have if I had not decided to top up my HND. Without the help and support of my Lecturers and Tutor, this would not have been possible. I went on to study for a PGCE and I am now a teacher. The University and its’ staff equipped me not only with my initial degree qualification, but the mindset, courage and encouragement to study further to achieve my dream even whilst looking after my family and 4 young children.”

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