I choose Cumbria because of the proximity to my home and I knew that the university had a good reputation for people acquiring nursing jobs after graduating. I also went to an open day and I really liked the campus and the nursing tutors I had the opportunity to speak with.

The support offered not only by my personal tutor but by the lecturers leading the modules was second to none. Tutorials were always offered for each module and the tutors always supported the students as much as they could. I loved the nature of my particular course as it was really interactive, 50% of time in university and 50% out on various placements to support the theory we were learning.

The practical placements gave me a real insight into the realities of nursing and allowed me to apply the clinical skills and theory I had gained from the modules into practice. The variety of placements was great too as I had the opportunity to see a lot of different areas of nursing which coming to the end of my course allowed me to decide which area of nursing I wanted to move towards.

The course allowed me to be part of a profession that I love and wanted to be a part of for a long time. I also gained a lot of confidence during my time at university. I’m definitely a more confident and assertive person these days which is vital in nursing.  

From going on my first community placement I wanted to be a district nurse. I completed a year in an acute setting at my local hospital, decided to apply and see what happened and here I am! working in the area of nursing I wanted to be in.

I’m still learning and upskilling so I’m really happy for the moment doing extra courses to improve myself. I am commencing my mentorship course later on in the year and I will then be qualified to teach and assess student nurses coming on placement to the community setting. After that I will be applying to start my nurse prescribing course. After that who knows! Long term goals are to hopefully move up the nursing ladder and continue keeping up to date and learning. Advances are always being made in healthcare so the learning curve is constant.

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