Originally from Harrogate in North Yorkshire, Emma was the first in her family to study at university. "I visited the university on an open day before I made my choice, and I loved the fact that the campuses are so small and compact. The tutors were nothing but welcoming and I really got a sense of community there. The small class sizes also attracted my attention, as you really get the opportunity to achieve your maximum potential and make some really close friends."

For Emma, the desire to teach came at a young age. "The Primary Education course at the University of Cumbria offered some great opportunities, such as a variety of placements across Key Stages 1 & 2. The course also gives you the opportunity to undertake an alternative placement in education, which I completed in Finland."


Something I enjoyed the most was the small class sizes of about 20-30. We had several lectures altogether as a cohort, but the majority of our seminars were as the small group. We gave each other support in the times we needed it and I have made some lifelong friends from the class.

What was it like adjusting to university? "In my first year I moved into halls of residence, which proved many challenges. Coming straight from sixth form, at first I found it difficult to adapt to living away from home. I learned how to cook and how to manage my money to make sure I had enough for my shopping. University really is the time you grow up and become more independent. Moving away from home has provided me with invaluable life skills and I am already missing it now I am back home! Over the three years, I have made some lifelong friendships. Despite the fact that we are dotted around the country, I know we will stay in touch and visit each other as much as possible!"

Emma's degree has helped her take the first step on her career ladder, working with a Year 5 class at a school in Harrogate. "I am most proud of overcoming the challenges that have been presented to me over the three years and graduating university with a degree, a job and memories I won’t forget for many years to come."

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