I didn’t know anything about the university of Cumbria but when I went for my interview but I was made to feel so welcome and I know it was the right place when my mum actually said to me this is the place!

Ruth Crawford travelled from Northern Ireland to study her BA (Hons) Early Years Education (3-7) with QTS.

I really liked the campus as it was small and welcoming, it was central to everything that I would need. It made me feel comfortable as I was able to see that I could find my way around easily and made me feel as home.

The course tutors were extremely friendly and helpful and got know me personally, this made me feel comfortable. Right from the interview process I knew I wouldn’t be just a face in a lecture hall.

I was given a personal tutor that I was able to speak to about lectures or personal issues. This was extremely important especially being away from home. If I was struggling with something academically they always be there to support me. They arranged meetings to discuss assignments and we could email them about any concerns.

Some of the best memories are from calva bar quiz nights, this year (2018) when it snowed and we enjoyed dissertation breaks in the snow. And times we spent in the 24hr learning gateway writing essays and dissertation with snacks and programmes on the projector and endless cups of tea.

I am now happily subbing in various schools collecting more experience and will begin to look for a full time teaching post when I am ready.

The University of Cumbria is a great place to be. I don’t think my university experience would have been the same if it wasn’t for the lectures and the fact my class was small and I was able to get to know everyone made it more enjoyable.

I am a complete home bird and worried a lot about moving away. However the campus size, the class sizes and my accommodation were all factors of making me feel comfortable and allowed me to settle in quickly and made my 3 years a great experience.

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