Sarah, from Lancaster, started her first degree at St Martins, Lancaster, then transferred to the Carlisle campus when she and her husband moved with his job. When she decided to do a PGCE, going back to the University of Cumbria was the perfect choice because, she says, “I loved my first time there!”

Asked what she like most about the course, she says, “The tutor and peer support. Whatever the problem – no matter how big or how small – there was always someone there to listen and support you.”

She also enjoyed “Creative Week, where a whole bunch of student teachers took over an unsuspecting school for a week. It was absolute mayhem, but we – and the children - loved every minute of it. And we even managed to get in some decent teaching and learning!”

How did coming to university change her life?

“It made me sure that I really did want to be a teacher. It also gave me an insight into the best and the worst of schools, the calmest and the most stressful of classrooms, and the way truly inspirational teachers work. I learned things on my teaching practices that I pass on to other teachers now.”

What are her current career ambitions now and in the long-term?

Sarah is currently working as an elementary school teacher at the Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School in Turkey.

She says, “From September I’ll be the lead English teacher in our elementary school, and I’ll be delivering training on our new English strategy (which I helped to develop this year) to our new teachers. I’m also starting an MA in Curriculum and Instruction in September.”

She adds, “When I started studying I knew that I would teach internationally, because my husband and I love travelling. Since graduating, I’ve taught in Kent, in Qatar, and now we’re here in Eastern Turkey. I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved my ambitions because there’s still a lot of world out there to discover – but we’re getting there!”

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