Even before starting university, Caitlin had accomplished many great things.

“Whilst working towards my A-Levels I was honoured to be selected as one of few people to be invited to the House of Lords, to take part in a Chamber Debate about the diversification of politics in modern day Britain. Immediately prior to attending university I took time to volunteer with women and children in absolute poverty in Uganda, Africa.”

Knowing that a degree would enhance her career prospects, Caitlin decided to take English Literature at our university.

“The course content was a huge factor me; I found that other universities had modules irrelevant in a modern world and that would give no career prospects other than an ability to write essays. The University of Cumbria offers a flexible course that prepares us for a career in a number of fields. The modules are not only extremely interesting but give us skills applicable in the modern day world.”

The interactive nature of our degree sets us apart from others. We can personally engineer our degree to fit to any career path, giving us the best chances of employability.

Caitlin has enjoyed gaining independence while at university. “The freedom to choose subjects of study and essay titles is very good academically, but moving from home and engaging in aspects on the working world has been amazing-not to mention to great nightlife! Coming to university has made me not only extremely independent, but has sparked my interest in literature and my desire to widen my knowledge.”

She definitely appreciates the help from her tutors. “On one module I was having trouble engaging with some texts and thus, choosing an essay title for the upcoming assessment. I mentioned this to one of my tutors, Paul Ferguson. He took the time to explain the background of the books and recommend some further reading I could do to help me find some more interest in the books. Based on what I told him my favourite aspects of the novels were, he recommended a question he believed I would find most rewarding and talked through some possible approaches with me. I didn’t expect him to go to so much effort to help me on the back of a single comment I had made about my struggles to engage with the books!

“I am most proud of my academic improving throughout the year. From my first-low level essays I have massively improved to the end of the year and this is clearly reflected in my grades. But also I feel proud of the independence and great friends I have gained. Beginning university, I was afraid of not getting along with flatmates or course mates, but none of these fears materialised and I am walking away with amazing memories and amazing friends.”

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