Dominic is from Kent, where he worked as a barman before coming to university. Initially unsure about taking a degree, wanted to prove to himself that he could study for three years in something he was interested in and be good at it.

Dominic says, “I chose the uni of Cumbria because it was one of the two places in the country which really did wildlife and media. I also looked at the prospectus for Cumbria and just saw that it was such a diverse range of modules. The freedom to be able to peruse my own interests made me choose Cumbria.

“I have always ben into wildlife and photography and I was looking for something which would be able to give me the skills to continue to enjoy that. I chose it because it has given me a very good stepping stone to my next level of my career.”

I chose the Uni of Cumbria because there was such a diverse range of modules and I had the freedom to be able to peruse my own interests.

He adds, “I like the range of modules that I have been allowed to choose from, giving me the choice to follow which ever path suites me the best. Going on my expedition to Scotland with three of my very good friends was one of the best weeks of my life. So much to see in such a little time.

“I have been given the chance to go to The Gambia with the conservationists, which was such a draw to the course. It was truly one of the best experiences that I could have done, (tutor) Roy Armstrong was the lead on that and was fantastic! I have had plenty of chances to exhibit my work in Reghed and in a local restaurant. These have all be very interesting and fun to do.

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