Hazel has successfully graduated into the highly competitive world of freelance illustration – her time at Cumbria has served her well

Originally from Staffordshire, Hazel knew immediately that Cumbria was the right university for her when she came for an interview at our Brampton Road campus. She arrived with a drive and passion for image making and discovered during her portfolio interview that we had the facilities and expertise to help her achieve her dreams. Over the next three years Hazel developed the impressive skills, self-confidence and subject knowledge that have so impressed professional illustrators and art directors alike.

Hazel had an incredibly successful final year: producing work for Barnes and Noble in America; as well as winning first prize in the Lakes International Comic Festival 'Spirit of the Lakes' competition and being featured in both the 2017 Cheltenham Illustration Annual and the accompanying exhibition. She also won an Illustration Friday competition and successfully crowdfunded an ambitious illustrated version of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales as her final major project. Hazel is also a fantastic ambassador for the course.

I found studying Illustration at Cumbria an incredible experience, I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and comprehensive course. The range of techniques taught to students and the varied briefs that I tackled really have given me the confidence and knowledge to go out into the industry and feel comfortable there.

“When the tutors are so enthusiastic and eager to help you, and the facilities are so accessible, it's very hard to not achieve all that you aim for and the fact you're doing so in such a lovely location filled with other like-minded students is just amazing. I couldn't recommend the course highly enough to anyone who loves illustration and wants to pursue it as a career.”

Our graphic design and illustration students have the opportunity to exhibit their work at a graduate showcase in London, something Hazel is very grateful for.

“I won a Colour in Design Award (sponsored by a famous paint manufacturer) and I’m currently in talks with their art director about creating work for a new campaign that the company are going to running next year on the colour grey.  The art director also bought one of my illustrations and has been directing people of influence to my website. As a result of exhibiting in London I also won a placement in the Hallmark Studio and was invited to a day-long interview at the De La Rue design studio to see how I would tackle one of their projects, with the potential of gaining an in-house illustration job.”

Hazel won the job at the De La Rue Design Studio and has now started work as a concept artist for the world’s leading designers of banknotes and passports. You can see their amazing work here.




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