Hollie Warren is a current student on the Creative Writing BA (hons) course. She will graduate in 2021. She is the first person in her family to come to university. Hollie is originally from Carlisle.

This course is opening my eyes to all the things I am capable of after the course finishes. I am excited for the future to see how I will use my degree.

I did look at Edinburgh and Newcastle Uni’s but as to why I chose the University of Cumbria was the location being so close to my home address, but not only this, I find the way the University of Cumbria is run very charming and enjoy the smaller class sizes. I feel like this allows for more lasting friendships and more communication and support from the tutors. I also love this course and the website and open days really sold both the course and campus to me.

Brampton Road is a modern campus with wheelchair access. I liked that it is surrounded by nature and a very peaceful and quaint place to be in every day.

I chose Creative Writing because I have a love for writing as a hobby and thought it would be an interesting opportunity to improve my skills and gain the relevant experience and qualifications to find a job in the literary field.

The striking difference between UoC and other Unis is the smaller cohorts - for someone with anxiety this made it much easier to make the transition into university life and make friends. I was also won over by the disability staff, notably Theresa Elder who was an advocate for me before I even started on the course. My course has taught me so much about writing, how to structure, format, and techniques. I have also learned to not be afraid to experiment and think outside of the box.

If you want small classes, friendly and enthusiastic staff, beautiful campuses then choose the University of Cumbria. I can truly say it is like no other university in the world and it goes out of its way to ensure that I can succeed.

This course is the best thing you could probably ever do as it arms you with the tools to make it in the writing and literary industry. It is a leaping pad that will improve not only your writing, but your confidence.





The support I have received as a disabled student on the whole, has been really amazing, the university has been very quick and have kept the support up and guided me through any obstacles. I have a really great and open relationship with most members of staff which is important to me as a disabled student, so that if I do ever encounter an obstacl

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