Kimberley chose our university for the very good course content. "University taught me many life skills and that I should persevere with things no matter what is thrown at me. I loved having the opportunity to create my own original show and have it performed. I was also lucky enough to meet my boyfriend there, John Irvine."

It was visions of fame that led Kimberley to her course. "I wanted to become a performer or work within the performance industry. I enjoy performing and wanted to perform, whilst hopefully making a good amount of money. Although I haven’t completely achieved this, I believe I am well on the way with the projects and opportunities I have in the pipeline. Having my degree behind me gave me the confidence to go for auditions that I perhaps wouldn’t have without it."

I'm proud of how I learned to take criticism at uni and use it productively. I feel this is a thing that holds many people back, particularly in this industry, so I am proud of the fact I can take and use criticism to help my own performance and in the things I do day-to-day.

Kimberley has used what she learnt at university to achieve her dream. "I am a lead vocalist in a professional showgirl cabaret group called The Diamonette Showgirls, we do private functions and charity shows. We started with four showgirl dancers and two vocalists, but are constantly looking to expand. We do a variety of different sets including James Bond, 20s and Las Vegas-style showgirl themes. The plan is to expand the business next year and create more Showgirls all over the country - and even abroad.

"Our aim is for the The Diamonette Showgirls to be a name heard in all entertainment circles. We had our official launch night in November 2013 and as a result were signed-up by Big One Productions, based in Blackpool. There was a summer season in the Blackpool Philharmonic Hotel and numerous private bookings. If anyone is interested in learning more, check out The Diamonette Showgirls on Facebook and ‘Big One Productions’.

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