Originally from Newcastle, Nicole chose the University of Cumbria, as it was ‘the right part of the country’ to indulge in her passion of rock climbing. ‘Cumbria has so much rock climbing, I can never get bored’. Her Adventure Media course provided just the right mix of creativity and adventure for the daredevil graduate.

Summing up her University experience, Nicole states, ‘it was fun, very odd and probably unlike any other university experience in the country.’  Her advice to current and prospective students: ‘Try hard, make friends and have fun, it will happen if you want it to.’

Now, Nicole works as part time Supervisor and Instructor at Eden Rock, an indoor bouldering wall climbing centre in Carlisle.  The rest of her time is spent making adventure films and climbing of course! Latest film, ‘Climb like a girl’ is her greatest achievement so far, which was entered into the Women in Mountain Adventure Film Competition and explores the issues surrounding women in the male dominated sport of rock climbing. Featuring fantastic scenery and plenty of adventure action footage, you can see the film here…

Nicole’s future ambitions are to continue to make films, coach climbing and to make enough money to go on big climbing trips… ‘I could happily do that until I’m too old’.

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