"Studying at University of Cumbria was a thrilling, precious experience that I will never forget nor regret."

Coming to England for a degree means a long journey from Iceland, but Sara was willing to make the trip. "The Institute of the Arts had an exchange program with my school in Reykjavik, allowing me to go into year three of the course. I had previously been to visit the campuses on a school trip and really liked the place. The old UoC campus down at Caldewgate was gorgeous and spacious with excellent facilities. Much better than the schools I had previously visited in London. I also liked the beautiful surroundings of Brampton Road."

She had looked at many other universities before making her decision, but Cumbria was the choice for her. "There was more space for each student and more contact with tutors. Overall a more personal approach. The university provided everything that I needed. I was very happy with my time there, so much so that I stayed for an extra year."

There were lots of memorable people and events from her time on the course. "I was super happy with all the staff in the Fine Art department. The technicians (Kenny, John and Natalie) where also super amazing and always ready to help. I also have many found memories from study trips, during my time we visited Glasgow, Liverpool and China. It was a lot of art and a lot of fun!"

"Working for the final degree show was a great and challenging experience. The whole year group bonded as we worked together, transforming the space (old Caldewgate) and making the show into reality."

Sara's time on the course will hopefully stand her in good stead for the future. "I hope to be an artist and a professor/lecturer in the field of Art. My ambition is to be able to live off my art and I am still working towards that goal. I would definitely not be where I am today without my degree and the help I got from the tutors at the Fine Art Department. I'm glad that I got to live by my own schedule and live an adventurous life."

Why would Sara recommend the University of Cumbria to others? "Because it is an excellent university providing outstanding facilities and good education. The atmosphere is friendly and caring and Carlisle is a fun city to live in as a student. Work hard and be open to all the people that you meet. I believe that if you are willing to put in the hours you will eventually end up where you want to be."

What are the top things that Sara remembers from her time here? She gave us her top 5.

  1. Being a part of a great degree show
  2. Throwing silly hats in the air next to a bunch of amazing people.
  3. Getting to go to China on a study trip.
  4. Meeting like minded people.
  5. Learning about art!
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