Sharron was born in Middlesbrough and lived in Thirsk for 14 years, she then moved around Scotland until finally settling in Carlisle. Her ‘claim to fame’ is that she is related to Robert the Bruce through her dad’s lineage.

“I chose the University of Cumbria as it is based between my family in Scotland and England, plus I had already attended the university 10 years ago studying a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts but I fell and broke my ankle in a dance rehearsal and couldn't carry on. I love the vibe of ‘The Institutes of the Arts’, it is an amazing creative space where everyone mixes and learns from each other.  

In the third year of the BA Performing course you get to choose what you want to specialise in. During my first two years I quickly realised my love of marketing and I knew that it was what I wanted to progress into after university and this course enabled me to specialise in ‘Marketing and Events’.

The lecturers are amazing, John Person, James Issitt and Victoria Barbe 100% tailor the course to the students’ needs. They truly want students to succeed and would do everything they could to help.

I made wonderful friends on the degree, Hannah Woodfine and Chloe Sturrock, were a massive support to me and I will be forever grateful to them. I remember a funny story when I fell off the back of the stage in my first year but was luckily caught by another member of the cast.

Coming to uni has changed my life, I made lifelong friends, met my boyfriend and I have made a complete U-turn on my career. Before Uni I was a successful hotel manager with amazing opportunities for growth and now I have taken a few steps back, but I am thankful for that as I am now where I want to be.

My advice to prospective students is to get to know your lecturers and the technicians at the Institute of the Arts and introduce yourself to them. It’s these connections that will help you not only in your university life but also your career afterwards.

I have recently been successful in securing an internship with the Communications team at the University of Cumbria. Eventually I would love to make my way into Theatre Marketing,

I am so proud that I finished University with a 1st Class Honours and also starring on the musical ‘Girlfriends’ in my second year with director Andrew Keates.

The University Cumbria has a fantastic supportive learning environment.

The University Cumbria has a fantastic supportive learning environment.

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