Chelsea is from Carlisle, and joined us straight from school. She says, “I picked the University of Cumbria as it was near home, I had practically no confidence and there was no way I was moving away from home.

“I have always been a sporty person and have always wanted an active career.  I originally wanted to do the P.E. course, however I didn't think I was smart enough to complete it so thought the foundation course would suit me more.”

I love the fact that it was a personal course, my lecturer was amazing and provided lots of support for me and others on our course.

“We went away as part of one of our modules, we went to Braithwaite for a couple of days and it was just great, we met the other students on our course from Lancaster and just had a brilliant couple of days helping and supporting each other.”

Chelsea has had difficulties during the course which she had to overcome. She says, “I was really struggling with everything towards the end of the year, I was ill for around 2 months and everything was getting on top of me, I had a several assignments and several important football games and I just couldn't handle everything. I went to go speak to my lecturer and just broke down, he just sat with me, listened to what I had to say and just let me get it out me system. His advice was brilliant and really helped me to get everything in order.

Coming to university has changed it for the better, I had no confidence before university and I didn't think I would go anywhere in life. Now I have gained so much confidence and have been able to put myself out there and do things I wouldn't have necessarily even though of doing before coming to university.”

“The advice I would have given myself at the start of the programme if I could go back in time would be ‘Just go for it’. I really held back at first, I wouldn't ask questions and would just sit passively in lectures. Now looking back I wish I'd have just asked the question I had and not doubted myself so much.

Will she miss university when she graduates?  “Yes, especially the social side. There is nothing better than going out with a group of girls after a football game you've just put everything into!”

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