Emily, from Barrow studied at Barrow Sixth Form College and also worked at Dalton Zoo before coming to university.

She says, “I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I really enjoyed sport – so I thought I would combine that with carrying on into my education.

“Location was the main reason for choosing the University of Cumbria. I was originally going to commute, but then I decided to live in Lancaster. The small class sizes also appealed to me.

I really enjoyed doing presentations as they took me out of my comfort zone, I also enjoyed the volunteering and practical side of the course. Organising Change4Life events at local schools were good fun, stressful, but good fun!

She adds, “Support is always there if you need it, it’s nice knowing that my personal tutor is an email away at any time and they always get back to you quickly.

“I did marshalling on born survivor and extra courses that will help me get a job in the future. For example, first aid.

The placements that I took included one at Morecambe Road School and one at Horton Gymnastics Club. I would go down and coach the kids – I really enjoyed this side of it and made me realise that I want to either get into teaching or coaching after I graduate. “

Of her university experience Emily says, “It’s definitely made me grow as person and learn things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. It’s also made me aware of what’s out there in terms of jobs and I’ve met so many people through my course and joining the rugby team.“

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