Melissa, from Hampshire, served for twelve and half years in the Royal Air Force before joining the University of Cumbria.

“On leaving the RAF I undertook personal training and exercise referral for my resettlement course and a degree in sports rehab seemed to be the next logical step for onward career development. I want to work in traumatic injury recovery with military veterans and this course provides an insight into using exercise as a form of recovery.

On which were her favourite experiences, Melissa adds “Placement on the Brathay 10in10, the Falcons academy players at Sedburgh school and the ability to volunteer sports massage at Phoenix House Help for Heroes recovery centre.”

I really like the theoretical learning and practical application of skills on the course.

“As a mature student I am more similar in age to many of my lecturers but have still made lifelong friends on the course.”

“Hopefully I’ll be working with current serving or military veterans helping to improve their circumstances through sport, as a rehabilitative method, from traumatic injury – continuing the work of Ludwig Guttmann, founder of the paralympics - and teaching yoga!”

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