Before you start your teacher training programme, you need to have passed the Professional Skills tests.

The great news is, since February 2018 you have unlimited attempts to take the test and 80% of candidates pass both their literacy and numeracy tests first time. 

However, they can still seem daunting so this page has some advice to help you.

Step 1

Start preparing early. Practice makes perfect and there are lots of resources out there to help you

Step 2

Book your test. You need to register online before you can book the tests.

Firstly, please ensure you read the important information here about Access Arrangements and check that you are eligible to sit the tests.

Step 4

Take your test. Remember to take along your identification documentation.

Skills Test Monthly Workshops

If you are applying for a teacher training course with us you can take advantage of our monthly skills test workshop sessions. You can get support with our academic tutors who will give you personalised advice, work through example questions and help you gain the confidence to pass the tests. And they are absolutely free to attend.

Book your free support workshop

Taking the tests

Make sure you have read all the information carefully about what you need to take with you. Failure to meet the requirements could result in you being unable to take the test.

Allow yourself plenty of time before the test to complete the registration process at the test centre.

Study resources

Our Institute of Education have some video tips for things to watch out for during the tests.


The following online resources are also available to help you prepare for the tests: