Emma is the current staff director on the University Board, and is the Deputy Director of Student and Staff Services. 

Emma states: "I am passionate about the student experience and therefore, in addition to the remit of my substantive role I have always been pro-active in engaging with and contributing to cross-university initiatives. Recent examples are leading an AOP project to redesign the approach to timetabling, supporting the Ambleside redevelopment project, and participating in the NSS/NQT group and the academic workload model balancing group". In addition Emma chairs the campus Health and Safety Committees.

Emma credits the university with developing her career by enabling her to study for a part-time MBA while working full-time, and believes her experience has helped her to understand the pressures that many of our students face.

Having previously worked in the commercial sector, Emma brings to the University Board a broad range of experience of management practice and a strong customer service ethos drawn from both the private and public sector, framed within the appropriate context for the university and the challenges it faces.