My route into HE wasn’t what you might call traditional as I have worked in a number of industries before I applied to work at the University of Cumbria, including the Royal Air Force where I spent 12 years in Supply & Logistics. During that time I spent many years working within Bulk Aviation Fuel team who were responsible for receiving and distributing vast quantities of aviation fuel to the Tornado Squadrons at the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment (TTTE), RAF Cottesmore.

I visited many places including the Falkland Islands and Rio de Janeiro, represented my station at many sports including Rugby, Kayaking, Hockey. I was also selected for a military parachuting course after which I visited Spain and America to further develop my sky diving skills.

My love of travel and adventure came from moving around the world from a young age and attending a number of international schools - Brunei, Cyprus with visits to Israel and Kuwait, Northern Ireland and back to England.

After the Royal Air force I worked in telecommunications, surveying the UK for mobile phone base station developments and then to Morocco, leading a team to replace microwave dishes on 40m communication towers.

As a Learning Technologist within CAPE I support staff in the use of technology within their teaching and currently working on a project to maximise the use of 360 degree technology within the University.