Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Woodland Ecology and Conservation, with or without placement.

I grew up in a place with more lamposts than trees. I worked in a suit and tie in a city, until I had a moment of epiphany whilst hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island, Canada. I remember looking up at the big trees and realising I preferred them to the big buildings I worked in. I studied as a mature student as far away from my former workplace as possible. I thought I would get a job as a forester on a private estate after graduating, but I was a mature student who found my vocation at university. Having struggled with A levels, I enjoyed my degree. I spent my placement year at the Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute and found the research difficult, but exciting. My PhD fieldwork was based in dense Sitka spruce stands and on clearfell/restock sites, now I prefer to work in Atlantic oakwoods. I thought by studying trees I could escape from people, but now I enjoy helping students learn about how trees, woods and forests can benefit human society. I am a forest management educated woodland ecology lecturer.

I am the module leader for:

Measuring Trees and Forests (1st year, level 4)

Woodland Ecology (1st year, level 4)

Valuing the Environment (2nd year, level 5)

Woodland Ecology and Conservation (final year, level 6)

Forest Carbon Management (final year, level 6)

And I contribute to other modules in the National School of Forestry and the Centre for National Parks and Protected Areas, especially where I can help students gain the skills and expertise in sustainable forest management to combat climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, the twin challenges of our time.

I also currently contribute to our Geography programme.

Qualifications and memberships

2005 PhD Forestry (Aberdeen) - Nutrient cycling in forests

2009 Post-Graduate Certificate in Research Student Supervision (UCLan)

Professional Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters (i.e. Chartered Forester)

Leader of Working Group 1 of EU COST Action CA15226 Climate Smart Forestry in Mountain Regions (CLIMO)

Leader of the Landscapes and Ecology theme with the Centre for National Parks and Protected Areas.

University of Cumbria representative on Lake District National Park Partnership Climate Change SubGroup

Member of British Ecological Society's Forest Ecology Group.

Academic and research interests

My research interests can be summarised as:

'The effects of forest and woodland management on ....'

For example, my own PhD could be summarised as:

'The effects of forest management on nutrients'.

And I have supervised PhD students on:

'The effects of woodland management on bats.'

'The effects of forest managent on soil carbon.'

I enjoy co-supervising with experts from different disciplines, where I have forest and woodland expertise to share and they contribute with another subject specialism.

I would like to try and switching this around too:

'The effects of ....... on forest/woodland management.'

For example, the effects of climate change on tree species selection. The effects of buffer zones on natural colonisation to expand ancient semi-natural woodlands.

Finally, I am particularly interested in pursuing my work as the leader of a working group defining climate smart forestry by investigating methods of assessing criteria and indicators measuring management interventions to improve climate adaptation or mitigation by forestry. Or on the trade-offs between forest and woodland management for adaptation (resistance and resilienc).

If you are a potential collaborator, or a possible PhD student with an idea that might broadly fit under this canopy, let me know. If you are a current student thinking about undergraduate dissertation ideas, come and have a chat.

Research supervision


The restoration of Cumbria peatlands: quantifying the carbon benefits of different restoration approaches - Jack Brennand (with Dr Simon Carr and Dr Jane Barker)

The effects of woodland management, and climate change, on hazel dormouse - Rachel Findlay-Robinson (with Dr Davina Hill and Dr Volker Deecke).


The effects of forest management on soil carbon - Mauro Lanfranchi (with Dr Elena Vanguelova at Forest Research) (Completed, awaiting graduation)

The effects of woodland management on bats - Dr Andy Carr (with Professor Gareth Jones at University of Bristol) (Completed)

The effects of woodland management on butterflies - Dr Donna Taylor (Completed)

The development of community renewable energy projects - Dr Jenny Rogers (Completed)


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(2012 Silvicultural Prize, awarded by the Institute of Chartered Foresters for the best paper in Forestry that year)

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Book chapters

Weatherall, A, van der Velden, N, Wallace, C and Atkins, R 2013 Young Wood: a woodland beyond the edge. In Trees beyond the wood. An exploration of concepts of woods, forests and trees. Eds. Rotherham, ID, Handley, C, Agnoletti, M and Samojilik, T Wildtrack Publishing, U.K.

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Information booklet

Hagon, S, Ottitsch, A, Convery, I, Herbert, A, Leafe, R, Robson, D and Weatherall, A 2013 Managing land for carbon: a guide for farmers, land managers and advisors. Lake District National Park / University of Cumbria.

Recent external roles

MSc by Research Examiner at University of Bristol.

External Examiner for forestry programmes at Bangor University (BSc Forestry, BSc Conservation with Forestry, MFor Forestry). 

Guest Editor of The Ecologist for The Timber Takeover.

Guest Editor of the Canadian Journal of Forest Research for a Special Issue on Climate Smart Forestry.

Contributor to a report on Nature-Based Solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss from woodlands for the British Ecological Society.

Recent Consultancy

Ecological Site Classification field surveys and reports on tree species suitablity for afforestation for timber production and/or other objectives.

Review of UK Forestry Standard, Biodiversity section.

Other Work

Led National School of Forestry response to England Tree Strategy Consultation in summer 2020.