Dr Katrin Joost, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer MA Photography Pathway Leader teaching Photography Theory, Media Philosophy BA Photography Professional Development Leader and teaching Critical Studies and Publication PhD Supervisor
  • Institute of the Arts
  • Arts Research Initiative (ARI)
  • Art and Design
Dr Katrin Joost, PhD

Qualifications and memberships

PhD Philosophy 

MA Moden Phenomenology

BA English & Philosophy

  • British Society for Aesthetics, member, 2015
  • Advisory Board Member of the Society for Phenomenology and Media (I am working on their communications, web design etc.), 2015
  • Board Member of the Carlisle Photo Festival, 2014
  • British Society of Phenomenology, member, 2012
  • Redeye, Photography Network, member, 2011
  • Association of Photography in Higher Education, member 2011

Academic and research interests

My research is grounded Husserlian phenomenology, which underpins my research interests in the fields of the philosophy of photography, photography theory, media philosophy and post-phenomenology.

Fascinated with the meaning of photographic seeing and the impact of the ubiquity of photography on world- and self-apprehension, I produce papers on the role of photography in society as well as analyses of photographic work on cocial issues. Themes I am increasingly interested in are the

  • notions of visibility and the unseen in photography
  • the home, belonging and familiarity
  • time and temporaility in relation to image conscousness (particularly in relation to the photographic image)
  • how technology is or is not mediating contemporary lived experience 

I organise with my colleague Dr Sarah Bonner the biannual conference series Visualising... that addresses themes and social issues as seen through the prism of Photography. We aim to bring together theorists and practitioners in the field of photography who explore the meaning in terms of photographic visualisation.

  • 2019 Visualising the Virtual
  • 2017 Visualising the Home
  • 2015 Visualising the Animal
  • 2013 Visualising the Rural 

Research supervision

  • Pat Walton, The Lived Experience of Chronic Pain: A Prospecect to Transcend the Difficulties of Communicating Pain Through Photography, expected to submit in April 2019
  • James Issitt, The Magic of Magic: Performing miracles: the real magic behind the performance, expected to submit in December  2018
  • Amy Smallwood, A Multidisciplinary Enquiry into the Phenomenology of Place Encounters in Outdoor Studies, commenced October 2018

 I have also been involved in Frida Yngström's and Jacky Haynes' Fine Art Ohd supervisions on an advisory level. 


2018   ‘Photographic Post-Truth: from Idealised Perception to the Priority of the Image’  I secured funding to present this paper at the annual Photomedia conference at Aalto University, Helsinki in March 2018.

2018   Photography as Phenomenology (in progress) I aim to publish with the Routledge Journal for the British Society for Phenomenology (JBSP)

2017   We, my colleague, Dr. Sarah Bonner and I organised the third Visualising… conference (13th – 14th July 2017). http://visualisingthehome.blogspot.com This conference series brings together practitioners and theorists in the field of photography to debate issues in contemporary society as seen through photography. Finding Home in Photography (in progress) I will give the second keynote at this event.

2016  ‘Photographic Phenomenology’ paper presentation at the annual conference of the British Society for Phenomenology: The Future of Phenomenology, organized by the International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, GB.

2016 ‘Sensing Landscape beyond mere Visualisation’, collaborative paper presentation with Dr. Christina Bonfiglioli (University of São Paulo, Brazil) at the 19th Annual Conference of the Society for Phenomenology and Media, hosted by the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico.

2015  Conference organisation with Dr. Sarah Bonner of the second Visualising … conference: Visualising the Animal (http://www.visualsingconference.com) We attracted over 40 national and international artists and academics for this successful event. We also collaborated with the Carlisle Photography Festival team who organized a parallel travelling exhibition under the same title: Visualising the Animal (https://carlislephotofestival2014.wordpress.com/visualising-the-animal/)

2015  ‘Visualising the Animal’ invited public presentation for Art History in the Pub, London

2015  ‘Phenomenology of Photography and Photography as Phenomenology’ paper presentation at the 18th annual conference of the Society for Phenomenology and Media, hosted by the National University, San Diego, USA

2014   ‘Reframing Illness: Photographic Visualisations of Illness as Individual & Social Empowerment’,               paper presentation at the international symposium Helsinki Photomedia 2014 organised by Aalto University.

2014   Translation of the introductory text to John Darwell’s photography work Dark Days, Tiere & Tod,   Tierliebe 05/13 Neofelis Verlag

2013   Organisation of the Conference: Visualising the Rural (http://visualising-the-rural.blogspot.co.uk/ )This conference brought together practitioners and theorists questioning conceptions and misconceptions about the understanding of rural space based on photography.

2013   ‘Postmodern Photographic Process: From Mass Production of the Particular to the Digital Display of the Hyperreal’ paper presentation at the conference as part of the international photography festival Format 13. The conference was organised by the University of Derby.

2013   'Tierliebe in der Photographie: Übersehene Spuren', Tierstudien, 03/13 Neofelis Verlag

2012  'Intimating Mortality: A Heideggerian Account of Photographic Authenticity', in Envisaging Death:            Dying and Visual Culture, forthcoming 2013, Cambridge Scholar Publishing  (2009 also presented at the international symposium: Envisaging Death: Visual Culture & Dying –        organised by the University of Birmingham)

 2011  'Travelling Dasein', conference paper for Philosophies of Travel – an interdisciplinary conference organised by the department of aesthetics and the department of  religious studies of the University of Sydney

2011   'Touching Space – Synopsis', available at http://www.colinjarvis.co.uk/mashow/index.html, introduction to the MA Photography exhibition, Cube Gallery, Manchester, 14th - 18th June 2011 2011 I am also a reviewer for peer-reviewed journals such as the Routledge journal Lesbian Studies.

2001    'The difference in Difference: A Critical Account of the Methodological Origin in the Dissension between the Anglophone and Continental Traditions' conference paper presented at the Forum for European Philosophy, London

Recent external roles

Speaker at conferences and workshops (nationally & internationally)

Member of British Society of Phenomenology