Cecilie Smith-Christensen

  • IFLAS PhD Student.
  • Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership
  • Initiative for Leadership and Sustainability
 Cecilie Smith-Christensen


PhD Study: Enabling factors and to improve practice, drawing upon scholarship on sustainable exchange systems and case studies in the use of technology for value-exchange and co-creation

Lead Supervisor: Prof Jem Bendell


Smith-Christensen, C., Chpt 3 Sustainability as a Concept within Events. In: Raj, R., & Musgrave, J. (Eds.). (2009). Event management and sustainability. Cabi.

Swart, K., Smith-Christensen, C., & Encountered, O. (2005, February). Contributing towards a research culture in the event tourism industry–A public private sector partnership. In IIPT Africa Conference. 52 Ibid.