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Qualifications and memberships



EMDR Institute

* 2015: EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Psychotherapy Training. Dr Michael Patterson. Manchester Conference Centre.

* 2010: PGDip Advanced Practice in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: University of Cumbria

* 2005: Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Care Mental Health: UCLAN

* 1997: BSHons Degree. Health Studies in Communities. UCLAN


2018: Neural integration as a pathway to Resilience and Well-Being. Daniel J.Sigel M.D

2017: GAD; Tansdiagnostic Approach. Prof M.Freeston

2015: Coaching: ADEPT. R.Harrington

2015: ACT for Sleep. Dr Guy Meadows

2015: Mindfulness for Eating Disorders

2015: Cultivating Self Esteem with Cognitive Therapy. Dr M.Fennell

2015: CFT. Intermediate Level. Dr M.Welford

2014: Applying CFT in Treatment of problematic Anger: R.Kolts

2014: CFT in treatment of Shame Based Difficulties. Dr M.Fennell

2013: CFT - living with Pain. Dr F.Cole

2013: Treatment issues with OCD. Prof M.Freeston

2013: Supervisor Workshop for Supervisors. UOC

2013: Working with complex PTSD. Dr K.Mears

Academic and research interests

* Emotional Intelligence

* Motivational Interviewing and Coaching for Performance

* Psycho-Sexual Therapy

* Complex Trauma

* Compassion Focused Therapy

Recent external roles

* 2017-2018: Delivering Workshops to HAWCS (Health and Well-Being Coaches) in Primary Care Settings.  Contract affiliated to UOC.

Worshop focused on how to integrate appropriate interventions for clients with complex Mental Health difficulties in the community.  HAWCs were provided with psycho-education to idenitify maintenance features associated with anxiety disorders and depressive symptoms and eliciting appropriate treatment interventions.

Interventions were based on a multi-facted approach using Coaching, Motivational Interviewing, Compassion Focused Therapy and disorder specific interventions.

To compliment the workshop; HAWCS were given supervision to support them in their clinical environment.

* 2015: Resilience Training provided to BAE staff in Barrow. Workshops comprised providing resilience skills to Senior Directors, Human Resource Staff, Union Officials and Occupational Health Managers.