Dr Lucy Spain, PhD

  • Lecturer in Biological and Biomedical Science
  • Institute of Science and Environment
  • Active Ageing Research Group (AARG)
  • Science
Dr Lucy Spain, PhD


I completed my BSc in Biomedical Science at Sheffield University, going on to study my PhD in the Medical School which moved my focus to clinical applications of basic biology. I gained experience in a truly interdisciplanary field, combining engineering techniques and analyses, human physiology and clinical science to evaluate the potential use of whole body vibration as a therapy for osteoporosis, by quantifying the impact it has on the skeleton. This sparked my enthusiasm for investigating physical activities as a countermeasure to ageing and I applied my medical engineering skills in a postdoctoral research position looking to develop a new diagnostic technique for osteoarthritis. 
Following on from my postdoctoral  research post, I developed my lecturing in further education before moving into the role of lecturer of biological and biomedical science.

Qualifications and memberships

PhD: 'Evaluation of the Impact of Mechanical Vibration on the Adult Skeleton' (University of Sheffield Medical School)
BSc Biomedical Scince (University of Sheffield)
Society for Endocrinology: Scientist-in-training

Academic and research interests

My research interest lies in the use of exercise and physical interventions for the management of musculoskeletal conditions in older populations. In addition to this, I also have an interest in the effects of ultra distance sport on the musculoskeletal system amongst other physiological systems. I conduct research in the following areas:

Clinical trials

Clinical Diagnostics

Bone biochemistry

Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics



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Spain L. & Cheneler, D. (2020). Acoustic Monitoring of Joint Health, Data Acquisition - Recent Advances and Applications in Biomedical Engineering, Bartłomiej Płaczek, IntechOpen, 

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