Professor Diane Cox, PhD

  • Director of Research & Knowledge Exchange, Professor of Occupational Therapy
  • The Senior Leaders Team
Professor Diane Cox, PhD


My role within the University is to coordinate the strategic development of research and knowledge exchange across the university, and manage the quality of the post graduate research student experience. I have been working at the University of Cumbria (formerly St. Martin’s College) since 2000.

I am currently a co-applicant on a NIHR Programme grant project “SCENE: Improving quality of life and health outcomes of patients with psychosis through a new structured intervention for expanding social networks” RP-PG-0615-10004 with Queen Mary’s London – 1st April 2017 to 1st September 2022 - 

I am a Fellow of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists, the highest honour the College can bestow on one of its professional members. In June 2017,I delivered the Dr Elizabeth Casson Memorial Lecture at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Annual Conference. I am currently the Chair of Council of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists


Qualifications and memberships


Academic and research interests

  • Long Term Conditions
  • Fatigue Management
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational Science

Research supervision

Current Research Students

  • Michelle Perryman - Occupational Therapy, Performance Profiling
  • Kelly Fielden - Occupational Therapy Education

Awarded PhDs

  1. Carol Fitzsimons (Psychotherapist) New York. High Profile women and their experience of their menopausal years. 2009
  2. Ken Erickson (Chiropractic) New York. Unintended and/ or unexpected consequences of chiropractic treatment. 2011
  3. Karen Morris (Occupational Therapist/ Senior Lecturer) Occupational Engagement in a Regional Secure Unit 2012
  4. Helen Wilby (Occupational Therapist/ Senior Lecturer) A qualitative interpretation of the Structured Anchored Approach to functional assessment. 2012
  5. Anne Milston (Occupational Therapist/ Senior Lecturer, UClan) Living with Dilated Cardiomyopathy: The perceived effect on Occupational Performance. 2013
  6. Sue Pemberton (Occupational Therapist) Time and Occupation in People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 2014
  7. Bel Youngson (Occupational Therapist) Occupational Therapy Perspective on Diabetes. 2016
  8. Malabika Ghosh (Occupational Therapist) Attention Deficits in Stroke: relationship with postural balance and independence with activities of daily living. 2018
  9. Joan Howarth (Occupational Therapist / Senior Lecturer, Derby) A Critical Investigation of the Meanings of Everyday Occupations 


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McDermott C, Al Haddabi A, Akagi H, Selby M, Cox D, Lewith G (2014) What is the current NHS service provision for patients severely affected by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME? A national scoping exercise BMJ Open 2014;4:e005083  

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Recent external roles

  • Member of the Executive Group of the North East and North Cumbria NENC Research Design Service (NENC RDS)
  • Invited member of Ethics Board for EU H2020 Grant Agreement № 731391 - Cross4Health - Collaboration among Aerospace, Biotechnology, ICT, Energy and Medical Devices sectors in generating innovative solutions, business models and work-flows that enhance patient-centered care - 2018-20120
  • Invited member of Ethics Board for EU H2020 Grant Agreement № 713864 – Enabling seamless electromobility through smart vehicle-grid integration - ELECTRIFIC, with the following partners: Gfi NV, University of Mannheim, Energis SA/NV, Czech Technical University in Prague, Deggendorf Institute of Technology, University of Passau, Has-to-be GmbH, Agencia D'ecologia Urbana De Barcelona, Bayerwerk AG, E-WALD GmbH, e-Š s.r.o. 2018-2020. 
  • Invited member of Ethics Cooperation board of EU funded Novel human-centred Law Enforcement methods, technologies and Tools for CROWD protection “LETS-CROWD” project, hosted by ETRA, Madrid, Spain, collaboration with Local Police Forces in Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Romania UK Home Office, Crowd Dynamics International Ltd, Deep Blue Srl, European Emergency Number Association , Universidad de Cantabria, Spain, Universita Degli Studi Di Cagliari, Italy. 2017-2020.