The employers we talk to have high expectations of new graduates. They want more than just a good degree – they want evidence that you have the skills and attitude that means you can 'hit the ground running' and contribute straight away.

So whatever stage of your studies you are at it is not too late to develop your skills (or competencies as they are often called) and add to your network of contacts by getting involved in: 

A great way to keep a record of development is to undertake the Career Ahead award - it helps you to identify and develop skills that employers look for, and you get certificates for your CPD file too! 

An added benefit to getting involved is that you are expanding your network of contacts – which can be a key tactic in developing the sort of career you want. Another key element of boosting your employability is marketing yourself - you might have lots to offer but if you don’t present it well you won’t get far.