BA (Hons)

Fine Art (with integrated foundation year)

Seize your moment to do what you love and love what you do. The Fine Art course will enrich your knowledge enabling you to take your creativity into an exciting and fulfilling creative practice. Exhibit your work with your own show in our very own Vallum gallery plus unveil your talents at national shows such as 'Freerange' with your peers. Work with visiting local artists who will guide you in techniques that will enable you to achieve your true potential.

BSc (Hons)

Forensic Science (with integrated foundation year)

Our BSc Forensic Science IFY – accredited by the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences –will support you to secure the skills you need to become a forensic scientist. We will enable you to develop the expertise by studying a unique approach to Forensic Science encompassing not just the criminal aspects of the profession but also the wider remit of science and justice in both the public and private sectors.

BSc (Hons)

Forest Management (with sandwich year)

Learn to protect and preserve forests on the only professional forestry degree in England at our National School of Forestry in the heart of the Lake District National Park and spend a full year putting your passion into action on a life-enriching placement. Our classrooms have no boundaries here; you have the freedom to explore, travel and gain unique experiences to positively change the natural world.

BSc (Hons)

Geography (with integrated foundation year)

Strive to solve 21st Century challenges and tackle critical issues that both our planet and humans face. And, do it in the Lake District, the UK's largest National Park and UNESCO site - the ultimate research lab and where you'll get the support you need for your studies and learn from world-leading experts to work with nature and not against it.