Additional Course Costs

Course name: Graduate Diploma Community Specialist Practitioner Community Learning Disability Nursing

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Course Fees: Coming Soon

All students need to be aware that they will incur additional costs whilst on programme. The list below will provide you with an overview of additional costs.

Books and Journals

Students should budget for stationery and consumables for your own personal use. This should include notebooks, pens and pencils for taking notes in class. Students should also budget for the purchase of USB pen drives, as well as occasional printing and photocopying costs incurred. Whilst you will choose how much you need, expect to pay around £30 - £40 per year for these items. 



Clothing and Equipment

You can choose to wear your own clothes when attending university and you will already have a uniform provided by your NHS organisation to wear in practice. During the course, you will have the opportunity to shadow key health and social care professionals as well as a week alternative placement of your choosing. We expect you to wear clean and appropriate clothing and shoes.

Whilst you will choose what to wear, you may expect to pay £20 - £50 a year for any replacement or additional clothing.


During the course, you will be expected to shadow key health and social professionals that may or may not be in your local area. Whilst the funding of fuel is negotiated with your NHS organisation, you may incur some costs if you choose to go outside of the NHS organisation remit. You will also have the opportunity to engage in a week alternative placement to broaden your learning within the discipline. Students can decide to travel around the UK or even abroad which you will need to fund yourself. The costs incurred could range from £10 through to £500 depending on where you have chosen.