LLM International Commercial Law with International Dispute Resolution

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Key course details

Location Lancaster
Duration Full-time, 1 Year
Start date September 2019
Entry Requirements Programme Specification

This course is available for international students only

Are you interested in helping with international legal issues? Want to learn more about how commercial conflicts impact on a global scale, and what can be done to prevent them? Then join our exciting new LLM course and become an expert in international commercial law! You'll learn about how intellectual property and trade law works on an international level, the causes of cross-border and municipal commercial disputes, and how these might be prevented, managed and resolved.

As well as this specialism, we will help you develop an awareness and critical understanding of commercialism in the legal sector, understanding the law in practice and legal ethics. You'll learn valuable skills in practical lawyering, looking at specific tasks you'll be required to do as part of your future career such as drafting court pleadings and conducting mediation in an international law setting. We'll help you gain everything you need to be a fully competent and skilled lawyer, specialising in an international setting that will open up many opportunities for your future, so join our course and let's get you started!

Graduate Destinations

The LLM qualification can help career development in the legal sector (including for those practicing law in commercial and business fields) as well as the business and management industry, helping promotion to middle and senior management. To meet the constant evolution of global business law development, we offer the opportunity to gain the qualification in one year.

News and Events

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There was an extra reason for celebration for forestry student Ben Crisford who as well as graduating from the University of Cumbria’s National School of Forestry was the first recipient of a new prize awarded by the Woodland Trust. The student, from Heathfield in East Sussex, was awarded the inaugural prize which recognises the best overall grade on BSc (Hons) Woodland Ecology and Conservation with and without placement.

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Films such as ‘A Space Odyssey’ (2001), ‘I, Robot’ (2004) and ‘Ex Machina’ (2015) and so many more add to the excitement (for some) and worry (for others) of machines, synthetics and robots working alongside us, making our work more efficient through automation and machine learning capabilities.

Campus Tour

Wed 1 May 2019

An opportunity to visit our Fusehill Street Campus.

Campus Tour

Wed 5 Jun 2019

An opportunity to visit our Fusehill Street Campus.