MSc Working with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

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If you are interested in autism from a professional or personal perspective, want to find beneficial ways of interacting with people on the autistic spectrum and even challenge discrimination - our course is designed for you.

Our MSc Working with Individuals on the Autism Spectrum is centred on individual, humanistic approaches. We developed it based on the real-life experience of people on the autism spectrum and in consultation with stakeholders, so you will have first-hand examples to shape your learning.

Research also plays a large part in our programme and ensures that students have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills of evidence based practices and approaches.

You will gain a greater understanding of the autistic spectrum, explore beneficial ways of interacting with individuals, as well as, assessment and diagnosis, behaviours and emotions, sensory and perceptual issues.

As part of the course you will be supported to develop and implement a project aimed at improving the lives of, and opportunities for People with autism.

Why Choose University of Cumbria

You can choose bespoke modules to suit your individual needs and decide whether you want to study full or part-time, even module-by-module.

We give you the utmost flexibility, so that you can succeed in your studies, while fitting them around your job and your life style.

  • Study on a modular basis and so you don’t need to commit to the full course – learning at your own, comfortable pace
  • Range of modules to suit your interests and employment needs
  • Carry out your own research into the autism spectrum
  • Taught by experienced practitioners and academics, who have extensive experience of working across health, social care and education
  • Course developed and delivered in collaboration with people on the autism spectrum
  • Close support and guidance throughout your studies from a personal tutor
  • Tutors carry out national and international research, are members of national advisory bodies and publish papers in their areas of expertise - which will enhance your learning
  • Interactive classes give you the opportunity to debate and discuss real life scenarios and experiences with fellow students
  • Bring your previous university credit with you – whether from us or another institution. We have generous allowances for the accreditation of prior learning (APL)

Our aim is to see you become the best practitioner you can be. And so, we endeavour to give you the freedom to study in a way that fits with your interests and lifestyle – with support right along the way – so your working practice immediately benefits and your CV is strengthened.

Graduate destinations

You'll have opportunity to critically evaluate the broad theoretical and conceptual base underpinning current understanding of the Autism Spectrum, reviewing that knowledge within relevant national standards and multi-professional frameworks. By reflecting on the voice of people on the autism spectrum, you will play a vital role in challenging discrimination and researching appropriate patterns of support for individuals.

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