Additional Course Costs

Course name: BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography (Top-Up)

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Course Fees: Coming Soon

All students need to be aware that they will incur additional costs whilst on programme. The list below will provide you with an overview of additional costs.

Books and Journals

You need to spend approximately £100-£200 a year on textbooks and scripts although this cost can be reduced considerably by sourcing second-hand copies of books. 


You will need to purchase stationery for your personal use (pens, papers and folders, etc.). Whilst you will choose how much you need, expect to pay around £30 - £40 per year for these. The bulk of your work will be saved and written electronically, although you have IT facilities available (some 24hrs) on university campuses most students do have a laptop and some personal remote safe storage.

There will be some printing costs as required by yourself but the majority of coursework is submitted electronically and feedback is received similarly.

Clothing and Equipment

You are required to wear a uniform whilst on placement which is part provided by the university. This includes tunics and plain black trousers. Any additional or replacement items are funded by you dependant on the reasons for replacement. Footwear needs to be purchased by you. Sensible, plain black, comfortable and supportive flat footwear is suggested but you will be further advised on this subject by uniform policy from the Trust you are allocated to. You should budget approximately £20-£40 for footwear but be realistic about replacing this over the 3 years. You may also wish to purchase different footwear to use in the hospital theatre environment.


We adhere to the Placement unit policy for claiming and incurring travel costs (please see on blackboard) but be aware that there will be cost implications relating to the base Trust you are placed at and travel between peripheral sites within that Trust you will be expected to attend as part of your standard rota. It is useful to try to share travel with other students if by car. Remember that you claim back travel costs and thus have to fund them initially. It is advisable to submit travel claims after each placement and the PU will advise you with this. You have elective placements in both years 2 and 3 which are completely self-funded and many students choose a hospital where they can use cheaper hospital-based accommodation or have friends or relatives to stay with to keep the costs down.