Additional Course Costs

Course name: BSc (Hons) Professional Policing

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Course Fees: See programme specification

All students need to be aware that they will incur additional costs whilst on programme. The list below will provide you with an overview of additional costs.

Books and Journals

All required reading books and texts for this course are available on a loan basis from the University Library, without any additional cost being incurred. Students are signposted to books they may wish to invest in (such as the Blackstone's Handbook for Student Officers - RRP approx. £30.00), but it is not a course requirement for them to but any books.



Clothing and Equipment

Any student who wishes to undertake selection for the Special Constabulary will, if successful, be provided with all uniform and equipment required for operational Police duties, except boots. Most Police Forces will allow Special Constables to claim back the cost of a pair of uniform compatible boots once they have started training (an indicative amount is £80, but this is dependent on the specific Force).

There are no trips where a student would incur any cost for accommodation or transport. For the handful of trips that take place during the course (for example, a Police Station visit, or a scenario based exercise), students may wish to take a small amount of spending money.


Other than tuition fees and, where appropriate, accommodation fees, there are no additional costs anticipated from a course point of view.