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BSc (Hons) - Project Management

Fast becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the business environment, and applicable to a diverse range of industries and sectors, the BSc (Hons) Project Management programme allows students to develop the knowledge, skills and experience to enter the project profession.

As a student on this programme, you will learn about the foundations, principles and theory of project management whilst developing your knowledge of the core activities that allow for the delivery of project outcomes.


Association for Project Management

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Course Overview

Accredited by the Association of Project Management and aligned to their Body of Knowledge, this programme will equip you with the theoretical understanding and fundamental skills to become a practising project professional.

In the first year of the programme you will study the foundations of project management whilst also determining its place within the wider business and commercial environments. Additionally, you will look in depth at the project planning process and the role of stakeholder engagement in achieving overall project success.

Your second year will allow you to develop tools and techniques for monitoring project progress and managing quality outputs whilst enhancing your skills in communication, critical thinking and reflection.

In your final year, you will study the processes for project control and risk management whilst also investigating theories of project leadership and exploring tools to foster motivation, collaboration and high performance in project teams.

On this course you will...

  • Differentiate the role of projects, programmes, portfolios and how they relate to business-as-usual activities
  • Explain the roles and responsibilities required to successfully deliver projects in an organisational context
  • Describe and analyse models of project delivery including the procurement of solutions and services
  • Identify, manage, and mitigate risk in a project context
  • Understand the difference between project management and project leadership and model behaviours applicable to the situation at hand
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Course Structure

What you will learn

As a student on this programme, you will study 120 credits each year consisting mostly of 20-credit modules, with one 40-credit module (Applied Project Management) in year 2, and a final year 40-credit dissertation.

Year one
  • Foundations of Project Management
    Understand the principles of project management which enable a positive contribution to project work in an organisational setting.
  • Professional Development One
    Develop skills in a range of professional competencies such as interpersonal communication skills, team-working, clear writing, delivering presentations, and the use of IT.
  • Projects in Context, the Business Environment
    Explore how projects contribute to businesses operating in a regional, national and global economy.
  • Projects in a Commercial Environment
    Learn about the importance, purpose and structure of a typical procurement process, with a specific focus on procurements for project work and managing the risks involved with such activities.
  • Project Planning and Control
    Develop the practical skills and techniques needed for planning, monitoring and controlling a project at different stages of the project lifecycle.
  • Stakeholder Management
    Understand the importance of communication in project management and developing effective communication plans to inform and mange project team members, project sponsors, project boards, and wider stakeholders.
Year two
  • Applied Project Management
    Develop project management techniques through the use of an extended simulation environment. 
  • Project Performance Management
    Explore the tools and techniques of performance management with a specific focus on project management, the measurement of its performance, and ways in which this can be improved.
  • Project Management Professionalism
    Explore project management as a profession, and what it means to be a member of a professional body of knowledge and practice.
  • Project Management Methodologies
    Develop your understanding or a range of project management methodologies.
  • Ensuring Project Quality
    Explore the concept of quality, quality processes, and what these mean in the context of projects and project management.
Year three
  • Dissertation / Project Case Study Analysis
    Initiate, plan, research, sustain and evaluate an extended piece of independent intellectual work.
  • Programme and Portfolio Management Two
    Develop your ability to critically evaluate organisational approaches to the formation, management and control of programs and portfolios and their relationship and interdependencies with projects.
  • Project Leadership
    Develop your ability to identify, evaluate and apply leadership styles, taking into account aspects such as teams, project complexity, roles, organisational structure and internal and external stakeholders.
  • Governance and Risk Management
    Develop your ability to critically evaluate project governance processes such as those used to develop standard project management practice, manage changes to scope and the identification and management of risk.
  • Management and Control of Projects
    Develop your understanding of the methods for managing activities and measuring and reporting progress on projects.

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