Additional Course Costs

Course name: BA (Hons) Theatre and Performance

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Course Fees: See programme specification

All students need to be aware that they will incur additional costs whilst on programme. The list below will provide you with an overview of additional costs.

Books and Journals

Core textbooks are available in print and / or digital copies via the University of Cumbria Library.  Students may, however, be required to buy scripts and / or musical scores as required for specific performances.   An individual script is typically £6.99 - £9.99 but may be obtained considerably cheaper second-hand.   Exact costings will depend on the repertoire chosen each year and the role choices made by the student on the in-performance modules.  Student are advised to budget approximately £30 each year for books.



Clothing and Equipment

Students are required to wear appropriate clothing (blacks) for workshops, practical work and showings. For practical classes students should therefore ensure that they have plenty of plain black activewear: Neutral black leggings and/or tracksuit bottoms (not jeans), neutral black t-shirts, black long-sleeved baggy tops or sweatshirts (no hoods), black socks, and neutral black, flat shoes. For movement classes students usually perform barefoot, but may opt to wear jazz shoes as an alternative. Students are advised to budget approximately £40-50 each year for activewear. For technical work students are required to buy steel-toed protective shoes or boots (approximate cost £30-£50). Students who opt to specialise in backstage / technical roles on the degree may also wish to consider the purchase of black, combat-style trousers and rigging gloves.


Students are required to attend at least one professional production in Year 3.  Students should budget approximately £20-30 for this. Though not compulsory it is recommended that students attend as many live performances as possible and support each other’s in-house productions. Tickets for productions vary but in-house student productions typically cost between £4 and £8 per show.  

Students should provide their own notebooks, pens etc. for taking notes during rehearsals / classes.   Students may also be required to print out / photocopy worksheets periodically for assignments.  Students should budget approximately £20-30 for consumables each year. Students are advised to put together a Personal Care Kit for working in practical, workshop environments. Useful items might include; inhalers, personal medication, plasters, instant cold compress, anti-perspirant etc.