If you have any questions about any stage of your course application, please contact the relevant admissions team using the details below and we will be happy to help you.



Sharon Blaylock
Admissions Manager

Undergraduate Admissions

Nicola Wilkinson
Admissions Officer 
4300 Gateway Building 
UG Team

Christine Fox 
Admissions Administrator
4292 Gateway Building 
Contact me about: Adult/Child/LD/MH Nursing, Midwifery/ Working Children and Families/

Geraldine Emerson 
Admissions Administrator
6236 Fusehill BS21
Contact me about: Forestry and Outdoor, STEM, Conservation, Sport, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Social Work

Julie Nixon
Admissions Administrator
4303 Gateway Building
Contact me about: Primary Education/ Primary Education with SEND/Education Studies/Teaching & Learning

Kerry Hartin
Admissions Administrator
4232 Gateway Building
Contact me about: Wikati/Domestic/ HLAs/ Psychology/ Radiography/ Paramedic Science

Ronan Harris
Casual Staff
4400 Gateway Building
Contact me about: Institute of the Arts

Sonia Dunmall
Admissions Administrator
4234 Gateway Building
Contact me about: IBIL - Business/Law/Social Sciences and Policing


Apprenticeship Qualifications


Postgraduate Admissions 

Sarah Woodward-Marshall
Admissions Officer
4679 Gateway Building, Fusehill BS21 Weds, Fri
Contact me about: PG/CPD TEAM

Lois Bowers
Admissions Administrator
4604 Gateway Building
Contact me about: Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, BLSS, Counselling, Mentorship, Return to Practice, Ultrasound/Imaging, MSLAP, Advanced Practice Clinical

Janice Suniga
Admissions Administrator
6203 Fusehill BS21
Contact me about: PGCE Primary (Core & SD) Sellafield contract QTS Direct

Sara Taylor 
Admissions Administrator
4360 Gateway Building
Contact me about: CPD, Practice Development Framework IAPT – CBT Non-Medical Prescribing AMP & BIA

Laura Feinberg
Admissions Administrative Assistant
4437 Gateway Building
Contact me about: Partnerships, Postgraduate SNOROS, IoA and Applied Social Science

Justine Doyle
Admissions Administrator
6200 Fusehill BS21
Contact me about: PGCE Secondary (Core and SD) MA Education, SENCO, PGCE non QTS

Sonia Dunmall
Admissions Administrator
4234 Gateway Building
Contact me about: International Admissions

Rebecca Hornby
DBS Administrator
Contact me about: DBS CHECKS/Medicals

Tina Helm
DBS Administrator
Contact me about: DBS CHECKS/Medicals

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