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Financial Supporting During COVID-19

Support for Red List Countries

The rules for international travel to England changed on 4 October 2021.

There is no longer an Amber or a Green List. Therefore, if you are a new (or returning) International student coming to study with us in January or April 2022, and are travelling into England from non-Red list country, but still need to self-isolate, the University of Cumbria is able to offer free on-campus accommodation whilst self-isolating, provided you arrive within certain dates (and subject to availability).

The Red List of countries is still in place. As the University of Cumbria would like to continue to support all our International students during this difficult time, we are keeping our Red List financial support package in place to assist current offer holders, applicants, and new or returning students arriving to study with us in January 2022 or April 2022.

These support packages are available for new (or returning) international students enrolling on a full-time course and includes coverage of your Managed Quarantine Facility (MQF) hotel package plus a contribution towards UK travel from your MQF to your University of Cumbria campus.

For more details, including how to apply, please see below.

Red List Support Package

The University of Cumbria is delighted to announce a £2,535 support package, which is available to all new or continuing international students registering/re-registering on a full-time University of Cumbria programme in 2021/22, and who are required to travel from (or through) a ‘Red List’ country in order to arrive in the UK for the start of their registered programme of study.

The International Red List Support package of £2,535 consists of:

  • £2,285 to cover the cost of your required Managed Quarantine Facility (MQF) hotel package upon arrival into the UK
  • £250 bursary for your onward transport costs (by taxi, train or flight) to our Lancaster campus
  • Free accommodation on our Lancaster campus during International Welcome and Orientation* (subject to availability; dates tbc)
  • Free transport to your campus of study after International Welcome and Orientation if you are not based at Lancaster.

A full list of Terms and Conditions outlining eligibility for receipt of the support package and the agreed method of reimbursement can be accessed here.

* If you have booked a term-time place to stay into our Lancaster Halls of Residence and arrive 5 (or more) days before the contract start date those initial days are free, but normal rental charges apply after the contract start date.

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